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A Foundation Based on A History of Global Giving

The MoneyGram Foundation was inspired by MoneyGram International's 70-year history of providing a global financial services network used by millions around the world to secure food and housing, higher education, and other life's essentials for their families. Motivated by our customers and employees driven to create these new and better opportunities for their loved ones, we established our "Global Giving" program.

The program resulted in about $500,000 in annual grants given between 2006 and 2012 to worldwide nonprofit organizations providing basic needs, microfinance programs, essential education services and disaster relief. We supported life-saving programs for children in Africa and the Middle East, provided school supplies for children in Romania and the Philippines, and offered aid to those impacted by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, among other initiatives. But we were further inspired.

In 2012, we officially established the MoneyGram Foundation and our mission of enabling children worldwide to gain better access to learning resources and facilities while also providing relief and support in times of crisis. We have since awarded funding to more than 45 organizations, have reached 40 countries, and - combined with the "Global Giving" program - we have given more than $5 million worldwide.

Through grants given to organizations whose missions mirror ours, we are making a transformative impact on global prosperity, health and an improved livelihood over the long-term - not just for individual children, but for entire families and our larger, worldwide community.


Almost $3 Million distributed worldwide

Over 700,000
children impacted

...improving lives around the world through the transformative power of education.